Friday, 11 January 2013

$1 ringgit Malaysia coin is it worthless?

This is $1 Ringgit Malaysia coin which I still had it since..very.long time ago.  Berapa kah awak rasa nilainya pada masa sekarang? Is it worthless? Sekarang kan Syiling $1 susah lama ditarik balik. The reason is low quality and forgery. Pada waktu itu berapa ramai rasanya yang pegang syiling palsu. Teramatlah banyak sehingga ia ditarik balik oleh bank negara Malaysia pada tahun 2005. And I still has a bunch of 1 cents coins, a lot of them  Walaupun banyak adakah ia bernilai?

First series (1967)

The first series of sen coins were introduced in 1967 in denominations of 1 sen, 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen, 50 sen, followed by the introduction of the 1 ringgit coin (which used the $ symbol and is the largest coin in the series) in 1971. While varied by diameters, virtually all the coins were minted in near-consistent obverse and reverse designs, with the obverse depicting the then recently completed Malaysian Houses of Parliament and the federal star and crescent moon derived from the canton of the Malaysian flag. All coins were minted from cupronickel, the only exception being the 1 sen coin, which was first composed from bronze between 1967 to 1972, followed by steel clad with copper from 1973 onwards. The 50 sen coin is the only coin in the series to undergo a redesign—a minor modification on its edge in 1971 to include "Bank Negara Malaysia" letterings. All coins has an initial GC on the coin reverse, below the Parliament House, stand for Geoffrey Colley, Malaysia 1st series coin designer.[18][verification needed]

Minting of the first sen series was halted in 1989 when the second series was introduced in circulation  The coins, however remain in legal tender as 2010, but have steadily declined in numbers since the 1990s and are now scarcely in circulation. The $1 coin has not been in common circulation since the introduction of the second series $1 coins in 1989. In addition to changes on its observe and reverse, the size of the 1 ringgit coin was also reduced from a diameter of 33 mm to 24 mm, and was minted from an alloy of copper, zinc and tin, as opposed to the first series' cupronickel. The $ symbol was brought over to the new coin, but was dropped in favor of "RINGGIT" for coins minted from 1993 onwards. On December 7, 2005, the 1 ringgit coin was demonetised and withdrawn from circulation. This was partly due to problems with standardisation (two different versions of the second series coin were minted) and forgery.. - wikipedia. 
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simpan saja duit 1 Ringgit tu, mana tau akan menjadi bernilai suatu hari kelak